Special Economic Zone (SEZ) includes making available goods and services free of taxes and duties, supported by integrated world class infrastructure for export production, expeditious and single window mechanism ( both for Central and State Government related approvals) and a package of incentives to attract foreign and domestic investments for promoting export led growth.

SEZ Online has been developed and implemented as per the directive of Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry and the system enables electronic filing and processing of important SEZ related transactions that SEZ Developers, Co-Developers and Units have with SEZ administration. The system facilitates Uniform Validations and Processes across all Zones / Units, Electronic filing & processing, Transparency in Government transactions and Internet based Access and Use from Anywhere for Convenience.

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Please note, as per recommendation of DGCI&S, MOCI has advised that for better information and classification of service exports, all service exports may be classified under Service Accounting Codes with only 6-digit SAC. Accordingly, SERF module and corresponding Macro tool has been upgraded to accept updated list of 6 digit Service Accounting Codes. Users are requested to download updated SERF macro Version-4 which is available on the link https://www.sezonline-ndml.com/doc/SERF-Item-Details-Upload-Template-Version-4.xlsm.
The changes announced in Budget 2023-24 pertaining to Customs and Excise Tariff & Notifications have been carried out. If you find any discrepancy/error, kindly bring to our notice by sending an email to sezinfo@nsdl.co.in
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